A Fresh Career in Horticulture


Hi, my name is Josh.

I am busy cultivating a fresh career in horticulture!

Horticulture is not just a direction for me, but a passion.
I am very interested in:

I am interested in roles involving gardening, landscaping, nursery, and parks and gardens management.

I built this website using skills from my previous career to showcase my attributes:

Horticulture is my future; can you help support my transition to full-time work in this industry?

I am keen, ready to work today and looking for opportunties for both voluntary and paid work experience.
Could you, or someone you know use someone like me?

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The Plan

Startup Timeline

The two most important parts of the plan are:

Check my progress journal, or Checkout my extensive self-study notes on Horticulture, or A Bibliography (my reading)

My Background

I have an employment background in Computer Software Engineering. So what is a tech guy like me doing in Horticulture?

About a year ago, I realised I was no longer finding fulfilment in computing or the tech culture. There was something missing.

I realised that it wasn't software itself that gave me satisfaction, but my ability to solve real-world problems and to express myself creatively.

Horticulture is a broad field that has a lot of personal cross-over with long-held interests and desires:

Whilst I see my future in horticulture, I will bring my tech skills and experience along for the ride. Good tech can help with communication, education, analysis and business processes.

Download my resumé (PDF, September 2017)

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